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MTA removed BX33 bus stops on Madison

This information is regarding the new MTA Bronx bus design and its effect upon our community. Changes go into effect June 26th.

The Bronx Bus design removed the Madison avenue BX33 bus stops East and West. That means residents will have to wait at 5th avenue and walk back to Riverton and vice versa.

The design also eliminated BX 33 8th avenue stop eastbound and the St Nicholas Stop westbound ( often the last BX33 stop) In all cases, greater walk length for transfers to either subway and/or connecting buses in either direction.

125th will have some changes as well. The BX15 will no longer travel into Manhattan on 125th street and M100 will end at 125th and Amsterdam and no longer will travel across 125th to 2nd avenue.

A new crosstown bus M125 will connect riders east to west - M125. Please note the stop changes on 125 and Bronx.

The BX 19 design eliminates both Convent Avenue bus stops currently near Convent Avenue Baptist Church.

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