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Our Committees

Volunteers Needed

We have divided the many areas where we as tenants can volunteer to help the our community needs into Committees. Each committee covers a range of duties and the executive board is seeking Riverton tenants who would like to volunteer their time and participate on the following committees: 

Event Committee

We seek 4-6 individuals intensely interested in program and event planning. As part of the Event Committee, members will convene quarterly, either in person or via Zoom, to deliberate and craft proposals for programs, events, and activities that align with the objectives set forth by our board. The committee's mandate includes:

Evaluating and recommending three distinct vendor bids, presenting suggestions, and developing projects to enrich the Riverton community.

Finance Committee

We are looking for individuals with a background in finance and accounting who are able and willing to share their expertise in non-profit budget management. Members of the finance committee will meet once or twice every three months to review the RTA budget and provide feedback on federal fiscal reporting requirements.
Riverton Educational Assistance Award Committee

We are seeking individuals with a background in either education, community development, or youth development who are able and willing to share their expertise with the RTA to implement the educational assistance awards program.

Communication Committee: 
We are looking for individuals with a broad understanding of creating content and publishing flyers in the building, on social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, etc. A consistent voice is excited to share all that’s going on in Riverton Complex and the surrounding area. A self-motivated all-rounded person that is willing to be hands-on; confident making social content of events, new features, and programs here in the Riverton community. 

If you are interested and would like more detailed information, please email us at

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