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Attention Riverton Tenants

Dear Riverton Community,

I hope you are all doing well. I want to share an important update from your Riverton Tenants Association (RTA) Board.

On March 6, the RTA Board convened a crucial meeting with A&E Management representatives, including Donald Hastings, VP of Operations at A&E Real Estate, and Kerry Driscoll, Operations Manager. This meeting directly responded to the concerns you, our valued tenants, have raised over the past months about several pressing issues within our complex.

We thoroughly addressed the various problems impacting our daily lives here at Riverton, including malfunctioning gates, delayed repair services, shortages in essential supplies, and inadequate heating distribution, which have caused discomfort to many. The level of service has not only fallen short of our expectations but has also significantly deteriorated, affecting the quality of life for all of us here.

As of today, we are asking A&E Management for a detailed listing of all repairs, new installments, the expected upgrade announcement (flyer/newsletter), and a timeline.  

We are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way and will share developments as they occur. Your voice is critical in this endeavor.

Best regards

Riverton Tenants Association

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