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Our Mission

These are tough times for tenants and owners.  Tenants, in particular, have tough challenges because of their inherent financial limitations and the inadequate information and political resources available to them.  As the RTA, our goal is to help maintain the Riverton as an affordable, habitable, visible and culturally viable community. In the annals of the non profit organizations, the Riverton Tenants Association has a unique role to play.  The goal of the organization is to  serve the residents of the Riverton and its surrounding Harlem Community, in their struggle to maintain an affordable home against the rising tide of condominium conversions.  Our major goal is to work for the continuance and sustainability the tradition of affordable housing here at Riverton and, by example, extend that to the Harlem and the larger New York City community.  At the same time we will continue to advocate within Riverton for a living environment that is safe, healthy and habitable.

RSTA - Riverton Tenants Association

Riverton Tenants


A Brief History of the RSTA

The Riverton Tenants Association was established in 19   by a dedicated group of long-term residents who felt the need to have a “seat at the table” in the management of our residential community.

The RTA Executive Board and the membership are united in the cause of promoting and advocating for affordability here at Riverton.  Keep in mind that the RTA’s strength and its ability to achieve the association’s mission is a function of the hard work of all of us—the volunteer Board members, the residents who volunteer for specific events and tasks, and every resident of the Riverton Community.

Our Leadership – Riverton Tenants Association (RSTA)

We are an all-volunteer organization with seven officers and 3-consultant board members which meets formally once every month.


Riverton Square RTA Board Members